The way to a rich and deeply satisfying life

Peta Morton

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times
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Is your life fulfilling?

Do you feel loved and valued?

Are you full of energy, happy and healthy?

Are your days inspiring and fun?

Or is something still missing?

That was certainly the case for me only a few short years ago. Pretty much every aspect of my life was crumbling away and I felt overwhelmed and deeply unsatisfied. I'd just come out the other side of a lengthy struggle with breast cancer, the materialistic aspects of my business just weren't cutting it for me anymore and I felt under siege financially. I had become a world-class procrastinator and was quick to blame everybody but myself for everything that was wrong with my life. I was full of resentment, focused upon all the things in my relationships that irritated me, instead of nurturing the things I loved. We were all suffering as a result. I felt isolated and alone. In this book, I share the teachings that helped me turn my life around.

Today, I feel vibrant and alive - I'm thriving. I'm an active participant in my life, rather than getting bulldozered by it. I feel an unshakeable sense of connection, a deep inner peace, and balance no matter what is going on around me. Well, most of the time, anyway. I'm still human, after all! But if I allow myself to get blown off course I don't stay there spinning in drama for too long these days.


I wish I'd learned these things at school, but I didn't. However, it's never too late to learn something new. This is why I'm starting a workshop based on my book Ancient Teachings for Modern Times' the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life. I've received such wonderful feedback about how helpful people have found it, how it has given them a new perspective on life, that I want to share what I've learned as widely as possible.


I am offering the opportunity for a limited number of people to meet with me online. Every week for five weeks, starting on Saturday 7 November 2020 we will meet together online for around one hour, as part of a small and intimate group, to work through some of the key aspects of the book, sharing our feedback and personal experiences.


My role is one of guide, not of guru. I'll be learning as much as you. We will be our own teachers. Every week there will be thought-provoking ideas to ponder and assimilate, practical exercises to try at home. No pre-reading is required.


It is not essential to the course, but you may wish to have your own a copy of Ancient Teachings for Modern Times; the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life, which is available in paperback and on Kindle from all good bookstores. For those of you in Europe, I also have a number of copies available here which I can sign and personally dedicate - just contact me and let me know if you'd like one. Each session costs only 33€ (reduced to 160€ if paid in one installment). You will never look at life in the same way again. 


I'm looking forward to passing on the simple ideas that have made my life so much richer. If you enjoyed the book, it would be wonderful if you would share the love and leave a brief review about the impact it has had on your life.

Life changing self help books


  • Who are you really? What is your True Nature?

  • Your Vibrational Self and the impact of sound and frequency

  • The nature of the breath and vital life force energy

  • Thoughts as an aspect of the material world

  • The cultivation of 'right-mindedness'

  • The ways in which our beliefs limit us

  • The power of the spoken word and the importance of authentic communication

  • Emotional clarity

  • The origin of pain, fear, anxiety, stress, insecurity, addiction, anger & depression

  • Surrender as an act of courage

  • The Higher Mind. Finding peace and inspiration

  • Cultivating appreciation

  • Integrity - the importance of being yourself

  • Taking responsibility

  • Inspired action

  • The rhythms and cycles of life

  • Living in the present moment

  • Building community

  • Living from the heart


Be ready for your world to transform in profound and wonderful ways.



This study group is open to people of all ages & backgrounds, no matter what their religious or spiritual convictions (or lack of) and level of experience. We are all teachers and students.

I'm in!

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly & look forward to meeting you.

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