What if you were capable of more than you ever believed possible?
How would it change your life?
It's In You retreat
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Reiki certification
Crossing Mont St Michel Bay
Relaxation & well-being
Al fresco dining
Beautiful venues
She's right!
The Mont Saint Michel
Relax & take time out
The importance of play
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Peta Morton - Teacher & Healer
Cancale, Brittany
Peta & her daughter Georgia
No shortage of laughter
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Learn Reiki


  • Challenge the belief systems that are holding you back

  • Connect with your true nature

  • Experience a sense of well-being, peace of mind, ease, joy, balance, empowerment & clarity

  • Find relief from stress, tension and anxiety

  • Access your Higher mind and use expanded states of consciousness to approach complex problems from a different perspective

  • Develop your intuition in the way that is perfect for you

  • Follow your inner guidance

  • Experience for yourself the interconnectedness of all things

  • Heal yourself and others 

  • Have fun with like-minded people learning new skills

  • Explore sacred sites

  • Deepen your spiritual connection

Reiki Courses

Simple Energetics Courses

Spiritual awakening