We are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful area for our courses.  Those of you who appreciate high vibrational energy locations will be as thrilled as we are that one of the most significant ley alignments on the planet, the Saint Michael's axis and many sacred sites are to be found in the vicinity.
Those of you who are fascinated by earth energies will find there are no shortage of significant and powerful sites to ponder in the area.  Landscape alignments are often described as ley lines, dragon lines or song lines, depending upon the culture, and there are plenty of them here.  Many people believe that ancient societies placed stone constructions on these key points in order to focus telluric energy so as to promote good health and well-being in individuals, communities and the land.
 "Ley lines are the nervous system of the earth and impact the nervous systems of biology. Ley Lines are wave forms drawn as a line, they spiral and undulate like human DNA. It is thought that this morphogenetic resonance field facilitates the transmission of memories held by the land into the cellular memory of the body through the DNA. Leys that are kinked or blocked can create a geopathic condition affecting DNA, health and social peace. Leys free of encumbrances (karma as such) conversely carry grace and power that benefits health and social peace by connecting our biology with that of the living healthy earth." 
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