Generally animals love Reiki; it is gentle and non-invasive but the results are frequently powerful and effective.  The sensitivity of animals means that they are particularly receptive to energy treatments. 


As in humans, behavioural problems and the majority of illnesses (vices, ulcers, a drop in physical condition or sporting performance, digestive problems) are often linked to stress and emotions. There is also a line of thinking that suggests that the energy fields of our domestic pets often ‘vacuum up’ many of the denser energies in our households that are frequently associated with negative emotions such as anger, fear and depression.


Reiki is deeply relaxing for animals and promotes a sense of well-being and calmness. Often the animal being treated will shift body position to make sure that the  Reiki goes to the place where it is most needed, and they will make it very clear when they’ve had enough. Sessions for animals are frequently (but not always) shorter than those for humans.


Some of the benefits:


  • It accelerates the healing process – healing of wounds, inflammations, bites, colics, allergies, muscular, joint and dental problems, dehydration, breathing problems

  • It encourages the natural elimination of poisons and toxins

  • It strengthens the immune system

  • It eases mental and physical suffering

  • It helps prevent and improve and chronic infections and diseases such as arthritis

  • It is deeply relaxing

  • It helps a return to form after surgical intervention

  • It helps to reduce fever

  • It can increase appetite

  • It can help speed recovery after an intensive sporting effort

  • It can give/restore confidence and dispel fear, anxiety, stress, depression, aggression, sociability problems

  • It helps animals to deal with specific life events such as giving birth, weaning, castration, changes of environment, transport, competition, the vet.  It helps them to remain calm in potentially perturbing situations

  • It reduces miscellaneous aches and pains linked to ageing

  • It can help improve suppleness, flexibility and fluidity of motion

  • It encourages better concentration before and during a competition or training session

  • It provides comfort at the end of life and can make the transition more peaceful



Reiki with a wolf: