A soothing Reiki treatment for physical, mental & emotional health, well-being and balance, and for spiritual development.
What happens in a healing session?

An in-person healing session generally takes place in a peaceful, relaxing environment.  The person receiving the treatment will normally lie down on a massage table fully clothed (without shoes), although sometimes it may be more appropriate for them to sit or stand.  The practitioner will typically put their hands lightly on or near the body.  There is no physical manipulation whatsoever.  It's a great opportunity to take some time for yourself and to relax.

What does energy healing feel like?

Each person will experience their session differently and no two appointments are the same.  The vast majority of people report feelings of peace, deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.  It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during a session and some report a sensation of floating.  You may feel  heat, coolness, tingling, pulsing or vibrations.  Sometimes there will be a twitching or a jerking of muscles.  Some people will see colours, shapes or images whilst others will have a heightened sense of smell or be aware of new sounds.  Some people may experience an emotional release – this is absolutely nothing to worry about.  Some people feel nothing at all during the session. This does not influence the effectiveness of the treatment.  Sometimes the effects are noticed several hours or days later.  There is no right or wrong way to experience a healing session.

Are the methods you practice linked with religion, a cult or magic?

No. They are simple healing techniques which are used by people from many different backgrounds and faiths.  Nobody needs to give up or change their religious or spiritual beliefs in order to practice or benefit from a healing session.  Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, was a Budhhist, but he studied and had great respect for other religions.  Energy healing is always used for healing and helping others and is guided by love.  It cannot be used to gain power over others.  The methods used are completely neutral, although by their very nature they are spiritual.

Will the sessions heal me?

Peta is a facilitator of healing rather than the healer per se; she simply holds the space through which the healing can take place.  A healing session will help to rebalance the natural energy flow of the body.  It facilitates  the removal of energetic blockages, helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation at a very deep level, so creating an environment in which the body’s natural ability to heal itself is activated.  She has no influence over the process through which the body returns to balance and cannot impose a result nor the speed or sequence in which any healing takes place.  Sometimes a healing is immediate and very obvious, sometimes it is more subtle and is not necessarily what was anticipated.  As well as tending to the apparent physical condition, the underlying issues which are frequently emotional, mental or spiritual in

nature are often also addressed.  There can be no guarantees about the outcome of a healing session as so much depends upon the recipient

and their willingness to make any necessary changes.  For example, an elderly lady was in a lot of pain.  On a conscious level she wanted the pain to go away, but when she showed no signs of physical improvement after further questioning it emerged that her children only visited her when she was ill.  Subconsciously she had a vested interest in remaining sick.  Having said that,  the vast majority of people who receive a healing session experience significant benefits on a variety of levels and frequently notice an improvement in their physical and/or emotional well-being.  It is not uncommon for people to experience relief from the symptoms after an energy healing session, only to find that they return several weeks or months later.  If this happens it is important for you to question what emotions, thought patterns and beliefs you held immediately before the symptoms returned and to question their validity.


Whilst some people have experienced miraculous healings they can never be guaranteed.  Most people report an improved sense of well-being and some physical/psychological amelioration.

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What conditions and illnesses can be helped?
How many treatments do I need?

Pretty much anything you can think of. OK, so you’re highly unlikely to immediately  unbreak a broken leg, or spontaneously grow back an amputated arm.  Energy healing  is not a substitute for medical treatment but it sits beautifully alongside conventional medicine and many hospitals around the world are now incorporating it into their services.  Dr Mehmet Oz, a leading cardiovascular surgeon in the United States, is quoted as saying “Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals.”  In many countries around the world Reiki is now routinely offered to patients prior to and after surgery or whilst they are receiving chemotherapy. It promotes self-healing, assists the receiver to let go of limiting beliefs and sub-conscious thoughts and emotions and enables the body to bring itself back into balance.  As the system becomes more balanced symptoms frequently tend to fall away.  Energy healing can assist with things such as:


  • Relaxation, well-being and mental clarity

  • Emotional & mental issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, grief, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, trauma, addictions

  • Sleep disorders

  • Pain relief

  • Surgery (reduce stress pre-surgery, accelerated recovery, pain management)

  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, skin disorders, migraines, thyroid imbalances

  • Reduce side-effects of drug-treatments, help eliminate toxins

  • Serious illness such as heart disease, cancer, leukemia

  • Spiritual awareness, meditation

  • Minor ailments such as headaches, stomach-bugs, burns, wounds


There can be no standard answer to this as each individual and every set of circumstances is different.  Sometimes a series of sessions in relatively quick succession may be appropriate. Often one or two sessions is all that is required.  Some people may need assistance over a longer period (for example, support for the breaking of addictions or during ongoing chemotherapy), others may find it helpful to have sessions at slightly longer intervals.  For others a good strategy may be to learn to heal themselves so that they can regularly treat themselves or those that are close to them.   It is by no means set in stone, but it would appear that acute conditions seem to resolve themselves more rapidly than chronic (long-term) conditions which may have taken many years to become established.


What happens in a distance healing session?

Whilst it may be a difficult concept for many people to comprehend, receiving healing at distance can have an equally profound effect.  Generally distance healing sessions are shorter.  There are several ways of receiving them.  A face-to-face session via the Internet is probably as close to an in-person session as it is possible to get, and enables the practitioner and the recipient to communicate in real-time, and to give and receive feedback. Some people are more receptive when they are able receive the energies at a quiet time and in a relaxing environment, and to concentrate on what they sense and feel.  Others may simply go about their daily business whilst the healing session is carried out.  All methods can be effective.  It is not necessary to have a great deal of information in order to carry out a distance healing session.  Peta will typically request the recipient’s name and physical location, although she has previously worked at distance with groups of people who wished to remain anonymous and the feedback showed that the results were equally effective.  She will only work at distance with people who have consented to the treatment.

How does distance healing work, especially if you have never met the person?

The truth is that no-one really knows, although philosophers and Quantum physicists alike have been pondering the question for many years.  I have my own, somewhat unscientific, thoughts on the matter.  I think we are a bit like individual waves in a vast ocean.  We have our own identity, our own separateness, but on some level we are connected,  we are all part of the same thing, inextricably meshed together.  This ‘Oneness’, that is so often mentioned in many different esoteric belief systems throughout the world, is not obvious to most people in their day to day lives in today’s modern world.  But at a certain level of our consciousness, what some would refer to as our ‘higher selves’, the Oneness very much exists.  I imagine it  to be a bit like a huge database of knowledge, thoughts and experiences – like  

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one vast mind that can be accessed by all of us if the right conditions are met.  My instinct is that those who practice energy healing are somehow ‘tuned in’ to a very high frequency or vibration that allows access to this state of Oneness, and as such they are capable of bringing lower frequencies or vibrations back into resonance with the higher frequency that they hold.  This enables the receiver to access the information and the healing that they need.   It doesn’t matter if the people don’t know each other in a physical sense, because on a super-conscious level they are part of the same thing.  You could look at it as the ‘healer’ healing themselves.  In much the same way that your conscious mind recognises when you have stubbed your toe and it would help to rub it better, your super conscious mind somehow recognises that Richard Smith in Sydney, Australia has a headache, what has caused it and what is required to bring things back into balance.

Are Reiki, Chios® and other energy healing methods safe?

Yes, these healing arts are very gentle and can be used safely with children, babies, pregnant women and the elderly.  The energy adapts to the needs and condition of the person receiving it. A  practitioner does not make any diagnosis, prescribe medication or use manipulation of any sort.

Should I stop other treatment?

No. Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatment and the practitioner will not make any diagnosis or prescribe any treatment.

Are there any side effects?

It is by no means systematic but from time to time during the body’s natural self-healing process there may be a short period during which the body is cleansing itself of various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins.  For a brief time there may be some symptoms such as discomfort, fatigue, restlessness, headaches, skin eruptions, aching muscles or joints, diarrhea, coughing, heightened emotions, a temporary aggravation of symptoms or the re-emergence of old ailments that have not made their presence known for a considerable amount of time.  Drink plenty of water and listen to your body.  If it is telling you need to sleep then make sure you get plenty of rest.  These symptoms are generally short-lived, typically lasting between 1-3 days, but occasionally they may last longer or present as a series of small ‘crises’ in the event of chronic illnesses which have built up over time.   This is nothing to be worried about, and should be thought of as a sign of healing in progress.  However,  as with all treatments, if you have severe or lasting symptoms then you should seek advice from your medical advisor.

Who can learn?

Absolutely anybody, from young children to the very elderly, from all backgrounds.  Ideally children should be of an age where they can understand what energy is and they have an interest in learning.  The basics of these healing arts are very simple and uncomplicated to learn.

What is an attunement?

Reiki is passed from a Reiki Master to the student by a process known as an attunement.  An attunement is not unlike tuning a radio in to the right frequency to receive a certain radio station, except in this case the student is ‘tuned in’ to the Reiki channel.   Reiki energy is already present naturally within each of us; the attunement clears any blocks in the student’s aura and is a direct transmission into their energy field which enables them to connect with and become more aware of the flow of energy.  It can enhance psychic sensitivity and intuition. Once attuned, the student will be able to access Reiki energy for life.  A Reiki attunement is a very powerful and often moving spiritual experience.


You do not need an attunement to practice Chios, although they are highly beneficial.  Reiki and Chios attunements are not interchangeable, and do not substitute each other, nor do they interfere with each other in any way.  If you have studied Reiki then Chios will not conflict with your practice in any way.  In fact they are very compatible and complement each other beautifully.