It's In You



What if you were capable of more than you ever imagined possible? How would it change your life?

Join us for our life-changing spiritual retreats in the beautiful Bay of the Mont Saint Michel.  You will never look at life in the same way again!

Inspiring teachers & guest speakers:

Each sharing more than words alone can express, and walking their talk:

A totally unique experience - a complete holistic toolbox to help you transform your life.

We have crafted a series of fun, uplifting and transformational workshops, designed to give you all the tools you need to lead an inspired life.  An ecclectic mix of talented healers and teachers, each bringing their own gifts, will leave you without a shadow of a doubt that 'It's In You'.  Nurture your creativity.  Recharge your mind, body and soul at our week-long retreats:


  • Fantastic classes and guest speakers

  • Yoga

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Reiju (a Japanese word for 'spiritual blessing')

  • Simple Energetics workshops

  • Creative workshops

  • Individual treatments for well-being and relaxation:

    • Swedish massage

    • Reiki

    • Osteopathy

A wonderful venue in which to be nurtured

In the heart of the bay of the Mont Saint Michel, the beautiful Manoir de l'Ormelais breathes with the seasons, at one with its majestic landscape, rooted in history and empowering energy.  The house holds its guests in warmth and love. The atmosphere is relaxed, cosy and nurturing.  Let the clean sea air and enormous skyscapes refresh you.  Rediscover life. Unwind and recharge whilst acquiring tools which will coax you to transform. There is a sense of place at Manoir de l'Ormelais, which sits on one of the most powerful ley alignments on the planet.  Doze by a crackling fire, soak up the sun in one of the walled gardens or sheltered courtyards, potter about in our art workshop or stroll up to the summit of Mont Dol. Take part in the activities or retreat into a peace and harmony of your own.  You create your experience, we give you the freedom to choose.

The region has so much else to offer.  Why not bring someone you love?

Bookings now open.