Chios Energy Healing provides the healer with leading-edge and effective techniques in energy healing. It is an integrated system composed of three sequential levels, each building upon the last.  Peta is a certified Chios Master Teacher (CCMT) and runs a variety of online courses:


Healing Level 1

A brief introduction to energy healing, in which you will learn energy channelling (how to call in the energy and channel through your hands via the chakras) and also how to begin to sense the energy field of your patient, using your hands.


  • Introduction

  • Channeling the energy

  • Sensing the energy field

  • The chakra system

  • Treatment outline

  • Procedures for disease


Healing Level 2


An intermediate course in energy healing. You will learn how to use healing symbols, how to correctly use your power of visualisation, how to perform intuitive readings (and use them to sense the condition of the aura and chakras of your patient), how to learn to view the aura, and then how to use many new healing techniques for correcting energetic defects you will find in your patient's aura and chakras. Upon your successful completion of this level you will be given the title of Chios Healing Practitioner upon your successful completion of this level.


  • Introduction

  • Symbols and visualisation

  • Simple energetic defects

  • Reading the aura and chakras

  • Learning to read the aura

  • Assessing treatment needs

  • Sealing leaks and tears

  • Aura clearing

  • Unblocking chakras

  • Aura charging

  • Correction of energy flow

  • Additional techniques

  • Viewing the chakra colours

  • Using light in healing

  • Procedures for disease


Healing Level 3


The Chios Master Teacher Level, with advanced techniques in energy healing. You will learn how to channel colour and light and use them (in addition to the energy) in your healing work, how to learn to see all seven layers of aura, how to completely sense the condition of the chakra system, and how to interpret the meaning of all the colours and other phenomena you will see in your patient's aura and chakras. You will then learn the core Chios Master techniques of Chakra Charging, Chakra System Rebalancing, Radiatory Healing, Seventh-Layer Healing and Frisson Healing— fundamental advances in energy healing—which will provide you the means to perform very powerful energy healing treatments for your patients. A complete distance healing method, using these colour and light healing techniques, is also given. Upon your successful completion of this level you will be given the title of Chios Master Teacher.


  • Introduction

  • Energy colour and light

  • Viewing the seven aura layers

  • Energetic defects of chakras

  • Reading the chakra system

  • Chakra charging

  • Chakra system rebalancing

  • The Radiatory method

  • Seventh layer healing

  • Frisson healng

  • Distance healing

  • Disease treatment

  • Procedures for disease


Chios Meditation

Meditation is an extremely beneficial practice for the healer. It fosters personal growth and also the intuitive abilities useful in healing. It is an optional, but highly recommended practice. The Chios Meditation section includes complete instructions for the practice of the meditation method included as part of Chios, and also includes instruction in advanced exercises (intuitive self-readings, chakra self-healing, empathic perception, thought communication and advanced meditation). Practice of this meditation and these advanced exercises is not necessary to learn the Chios healing techniques, but you may find it very rewarding should you choose to do so.​

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This book is a very helpful point of reference for the Chios Student:

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In addition, workbooks are available to download for free online:

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