Shoden in exceptional times

As it is more complicated than usual for some people to attend class in person at the moment, I have taken the decision to temporarily move my classes online. I very rarely offer online Reiki classes, unless someone is unable to attend in person (for example, whilst confined at home or in hospital, working on humanitarian missions or deployed overseas in regions where courses are unavailable), Despite this, from personal experience I can wholeheartedly say that it is entirely possible to learn Reiki online. There are many ways to sing the blues. 


In this Reiki 1 course, I aim to share some very simple, practical and easy-to-learn techniques so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, whilst developing your empathy and intuition. Given the circumstances that are evolving at the moment, it seems to me that these are indispensable skills for any well-being toolkit.

Exceptionally, I also intend to integrate some elements from the Reiki 2 course, such as distance healing. I feel they will be particularly helpful at a time when people may be feeling isolated, vulnerable, worried or might have less access than normal to their conventional support systems. Yes, I know this is not a 'classic' Reiki course, but I am adapting to the situation as best as I can, so that I, and you, can be of the most service.

There will be an emphasis on key concepts such as:

- The nature of thought
- A positive mindset
- Focus
- How to identify limiting beliefs and extract ourselves from fear
- Handing it over
- The power of the collective
- Finding the new possibilities inherent in difficult situations.

These notions are drawn from my book 'Ancient Teachings for Modern Times; the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life'.

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  • Reinforce our health and wellbeing

  • Enhance our immune system

  • Improve our mental and emotional stability, especially during times of change

  • Have a direct experience of otherwise vague spiritual concepts, without dogma, in a way that is unique to each of us.

  • Practice compassion and selfless concern for others

  • Take care of ourselves and our loved ones

  • Feel useful

  • Support our traditional medical services, without in any way trying to replace them. I am certainly not insinuating that Reiki is a 'cure-all', and would still urge you to contact your usual medical practitioners wherever possible. Nevertheless, whilst many of us are confined and practicing self-distancing, Reiki can help soothe many day-to-day ailments, especially whilst we might not be able to access physical services such as osteopaths and acupuncturists

  • Manage stress, fear and depression

  • Relax

  • Sleep better

  • Cultivate presence and self-awareness

  • Awaken and further develop our intuition

  • Better navigate trauma, suffering and pain

  • Create the space in which creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable and overwhelming problems become more easily accessible.

  • Navigate life's most challenging moments with more serenity

  • Develop a meditative practice.

The cost of this course is 200€. However I am very aware that financially this is an extremely difficult period for many, and I will not refuse anybody who wants to participate. If this is the case for you then participation is possible on a 'pay what you are able' basis.  I would ask anyone who is capable of paying for their course to respect that this is the way I earn my living, and I, like you, still have bills to pay.  Simply click on this link, and change the figure at the end to the amount that works for you, as much or as little as feels appropriate given your individual circumstances. It strikes me that it's of great importance to create a network of people who are able to not only strengthen their own immune systems and state of mind but who may be of service, individually and collectively, to others.

We will meet on Zoom as it is very user-friendly and each class will last around 1 1/2- 2 hours. If you would like to take part your presence in class is essential. This is not a video class. I am aiming to keep the spirit of a traditional classroom as far as possible.

In Addition:

- After the period of confinement, every attendee is more than welcome to take part in an in-person course free of charge.


- Every participant will have access to a private Facebook group so as to ensure support and advice during and after their course.