Music Connects Us

As I continue to study the sounds from online Reiki sessions, listening to them day in, day out, I am starting to understand that it isn't the individual sound or frequency that fascinates me, it is the nuances, and how they combine together. When we learn to play music the first step is to grasp that there are 7 main notes or tones. When we reach the eighth note we go up (or down) an octave and the cycle repeats. Then we learn about the notes in between the main notes, the sharps # and the flats♭, or the semi-tones (curiously known as diesis in ancient Greek, the etymology of which means 'send through'). But beyond this basic structure are an infinite variety of ways in which we can build u

Well, this is new! Reiki via Zoom

This is a short extract from one of the first healing sessions I've done via Zoom (I usually work online using Skype): For some reason the pixelated patterns of the 'interference' (for want of a better term) showed up far more clearly when viewed in Windows MovieMaker than when saved as a normal video file, although flashes of light are still visible on the sides of both parties. I'm hoping some of you techies out there will be able to explain to me - preferably in terms that a 5-year-old would understand - why that is. I wasn't able to save it to video with the same level of quality, so in the end I resorted to using my camera and simply filmed my computer screen. I might be mistaken, but i

Reiki viewed via an Oscilloscope

We thought we'd see if there were other ways to visualise the sounds manifesting during online Reiki sessions. Musician Shahead Mostafafar very kindly helped to image the sounds of an online Reiki session via Skype using an Oscilloscope: Please bear in mind that this wasn't recorded under controlled conditions in a lab - it was more of a trial run out of curiosity to see if it was possible to visualise the sounds in this way. For the technically-minded among you, the Oscilloscope is a digital instrument which allows observation of constantly varying signal voltages. Signals such as sound and vibration can be converted to voltages and displayed, and analysed for properties such as amplitude,

Intriguing new CymaGlyphs from online Reiki Sessions

We have produced some new images from three sessions that I found to be particularly interesting. The first was from a session with a client who experienced a spontaneous healing from an 'irreversible' case of emphysema. During the session both my client and I slipped into an altered state of consciousness, and there was a persistent flashing white light throughout the Reiki share so I was very curious to see what sort of geometry would emerge. You can see the images below: We also produced some images from a Skype session during which some unusually low sounds manifested immediately after I had paid a visit to a sacred site here in France. It has become a bit of a standing joke about how o

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