5 Questions You Should Ask Before Making a New Year’s Resolution

1. How do I want to feel? Start from the heart. What do you want to feel and why? At this time of year, it’s easy to get side-tracked by making lists of things we want to be, do or have. Get crystal clear. What is the feeling state you hope that having or achieving those things will generate? What is the result you are striving for? How does it feel in your body when you imagine that you’ve been successful? When you’re clear about the emotional experience you want to create it becomes much easier to identify and work towards tangible goals. 2. What is preventing me from feeling that way already? Are there adaptations you need to make to your current circumstances to make change possible? Or

Ancient Teachings for Modern Times is now on sale - grab your copy now!

I'm excited to tell you that my book 'Ancient Teachings for Modern Times; the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life' is now for sale, and is available in time for Christmas via Amazon, John Hunt Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Indiebound, Hive and many independent book shops & online stores around the world. Reserve your copy here. Already it has hit the #1Best Seller spot in the New Age Mysticism category on Amazon here in France, and has ranked #3 in both the Depression and Stress Management categories - so if you know someone who is struggling right now, this could be right up their street. You can read what folk have been saying about it here. It has also been voted one of So

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