Easy to learn energy & mindfulness techniques to transform your life and enhance your health and wellbeing.  Develop your intuition & psychic abilities, access expanded states of conscious awareness.

This is powerful energy work that will fit seamlessly into your everyday life and will enhance it in ways you cannot begin to imagine.


No more complicated techniques, no more rigmarole, no drama. In this playful and practical course students will quickly be able to see, feel and sense energy and learn to heal themselves and others effortlessly. You will examine some of the fundamental 'laws' of the universe and take part in many practical exercises in which you can experience for yourself how your thoughts really do create your reality.


This is a hands-on, high vibration course that will leave you in no doubt that human beings are capable of far more than most people are aware of. No matter what your age or level of experience, this course is designed to bring out your innate abilities and show you a new way of living.  


  • Develop your intuition and psychic abilities in your own unique way

  • Access your Higher awareness & gain a new perspective for problem solving and creativity

  • Living in the flow - the art of allowing and staying out of resistance

  • Learn to heal yourself and others

  • Attunements and activations

  • Energy body basics

  • How our thoughts and emotions affect our health and wellbeing

  • The importance of pleasure, play and having fun

  • 'Laws' of the Universe

  • Following your inner guidance - symbolism in its many forms

  • Intention, manifestation and synchronicity

  • Dowsing basics

  • Amplifying energies & working with power spots

  • Mindfulness & the law of attraction

  • Mirror work

  • Reiju (Japanese for 'spiritual blessing')

  • Meditation

  • Understand what brings you joy - discover your life purpose

  • Experience for yourself the interconnectedness of all things

  • Deepen your spiritual connection