The New Normal

This is a blog article I wrote not long after I learned Reiki, but which still holds true today, albeit there have been further shifts in my experience and perception since.

How have things altered so profoundly for me? I used to feel my body as a solid object, dense, almost unwieldy, and I considered my thoughts and emotions to be exactly that; my thoughts and emotions, they made up my version of myself. How radically things have changed. For the first time, probably in my life, I feel truly alive, vibrant. I have a completely new concept of what is 'normal'. Physically I feel energy coursing through my body at every moment. I don't just understand the concept of us as energetic beings. I know it as completely true. I feel it. when I sense an emotion I can feel it in my physicality, like the inner guidance system it was indended to be but nothing more. When I feel joy I feel it powerfully, not only emotionally, but I feel it in a specific place in my body. When my emotions are heightened for some reason, if something worries, irritates, angers or saddens me for example, I can track the energy as it flows and moves through my body and on out of my energy field again. If it doesn't keep on moving through but starts to feel dense I am mentally able to shift it along and give it a nudge along its way. My body gives me helpful information about the clarity of my thoughts and perceptions.

The energy in my body flows all the time, it moves, it shifts, it changes. I feel the kundalini energy snaking its way up my spine and radiating outwards. My feet pulse with a vital energy and grounded is no longer just a word to describe someone sensible. I am truly connected to the earth. I feel solar flares long before they impact upon the earth's magnetic field. I don't have to check out the space weather websites to know there has been a flare, my crown chakra pulls tight and my teeth, lips and tongue vibrate. I don't have to work hard or concentrate to feel any of this, it just is.

Because my energy field is clear for much of the time, when I do feel an emotion it is much easier to pick up on it. My inner guidance system is honed and alert. That niggling, unsettled feeling when something wasn't quite right now jumps up and down and shouts at me, the messge is loud and clear, and I am able to ask the right questions and to respond appropriately. I am in constant dialogue with my Higher Self, not just a prayer at the end of the day, but a perpetual dialogue and interaction. I'm connected. If I'm not sure of something I just ask and in a very short space of time the answers make themselves obvious. I am guided.

I hear a wide range of higher frequencies that I have never heard before. They are not intrusive, but they are there all the time although I only really notice when I listen or if it's quiet, in much the same way as you wouldn't usually notice the gentle whirring of a kitchen fridge.

I understand how linked we all are. More than that, I feel it. I am able to sense the thoughts and emotions of other people, even if they are on the other side of the world from me. Sometimes I pick them up and carry them, and for a short time I believe them to be my own. I can literally feel the pain of other people. If someone is suffering I often feel a sensation in the corresponding part of my own body, powerful enough to catch my attention but as if the pain is on mute, or as if the volume has been turned down. when doing healing work, I often feel the pain leaving their body. Now I'm more in touch with my energy body I am better able to manage these sensations and it is usually easy to quickly distinguish and unravel what is 'mine', if there is such a thing. I totally get the immense power of words and thoughts. Not only are they things in their own right but when coupled with intention they are a beautiful tool for manifestation. Consequently I am careful about what I think and say and my effect on others and the environment around me. I feel compassion and sometimes frustration for those who have not awoken to these wonderful gifts. I am human, I am imperfect and I certainly don't always get it right, but I try to remain mindful and in spirit.

Not only do I feel this energy but I see it, I see it everywhere. I see light and colour when I am doing healing work, I can see the Prana in the sky, I see the aura around a group of trees almost as if I'm watching them breathing, I see the energy imprint near to a solid object, I see the gentle exchange of energy waves, frequencies, back and forth around a flame, a light bulb, a stream of light through the window, the setting sun. Sometimes I see the molecules of solid objects shift and move, like the dots that form the picture on a television screen. From time to time I see fleeting geometric shapes. A couple of weeks ago I was at a large gathering of thousands of people and was sat quietly having my early morning cup of coffee whilst the world slept and the sun came up. It was around the time of a huge solar flare. I was mesmerised as I wathced cloud upon cloud of beautiful, soft golden light rolling in and flooding the show ground, with hundreds of golden orbs dancing in front of it like sentinels leading the way. It was a stunning energy that felt as if it was cleansing and purifying everything it its wake and I feel blessed and privileged that I am now able to witness such things.

Day after day I see spectacular healings, everything from the minor bumps and scrapes that we pick up along our journey through life, to significant, life-threatening illnesses that I would previously have considered to be irreversible.

I feel empowered, deeply connected, protective, in touch, aware, in awe. Reiki has awakened something in me that goes beyond words. Above all else, I know that this is our natural state of being, this is how we were created and intended to live our lives.

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