The value of 'channelled teachings'

This is for those of you who wonder why I greatly value the wisdom and spiritual logic received through channelled teachings, either via another person or those received personally during my own inner contemplation. I’m not a big fan of the ‘God’ word, because of the connotations associated with it, but no matter what language you use to describe the concept of a Higher Self or Creative Source or to describe the myriad of ways in which to access expanded states of conscious awareness world-renowned channel Lee Carroll sums it up beautifully:

“In channelling, many feel that the Human Being’s consciousness is supplanted by another entity, and that during this time the Human has nothing to do with anything. It’s a ‘takeover’ and often is supernatural. This also gives the idea that somewhere, somehow this is an occult experience and, therefore, is very strange and odd. In fact, all of this is incorrect.

I’ve been doing it successfully for 21 years. And I would like to tell you that it requires a total meld of everything the Human knows and believes, combined with a sacred permission to join together a consciousness from the other side of the veil with a Human. In effect, the channeller becomes a translator, who translates multidimensional messages into 3D. He/she is a ‘linearization specialist’….

….It’s the closest thing you can do to ‘get in touch with the God within’, yet many feel that God (or what you think of as God) has nothing to do with it. Kyron has told us over and over that channelling is the method of transfer of all spiritual knowledge. He reminds us that all the Holy Scriptures on the planet, no matter what your religion, were written by Humans. ‘God’ wrote none of them!! Therefore, there has to be some kind of acknowledgment of this bridge between the message and the messenger. If Humans wrote all this (which they did), then where did they get the information?

In Christianity, even the Pope has a method for receiving divine information and a sanctioned place he can be where everything he says is infallible. As Christ’s Vicar, he has the right to sit in the Chair of Saint Peter in the Vatican, where a process called ‘Ex Cathedra’ takes place. This is channelling, but don’t tell a Catholic that (please). No need to rock that boat.

Even Paul the Apostle, while writing to his friends from a jail cell in Rome, had this very attribute – for these letters to friends became at least seven books of the New Testament! Yet when Christians speak of the Bible, it is the ‘word of God.’ Actually, it is the word of a Human under the influence of spiritual energy. Paul ‘channelled’ much of the New Testament via his letters. To many Christians, it was the ‘Holy Spirit’ who came to Paul and gave him his information, which is used by Catholic and non-Catholic alike. In all cases, there was an unspoken and unseen energy that allowed a Human to speak about the truth of God. This process is accepted in every religion.

But today, according to the reactions of some religious leaders, God has stopped talking to us completely, for no ‘new’ information is allowed. There is the unspoken rule that all scriptures that will ever be written have been written. Channelling is, therefore, fake. Does this make sense to any spiritual person reading this? Who passed the law that God stopped talking? “Wait a minute, Lee!” my church friends say. “We never said that. God talks to us all the time! We just said that God doesn’t talk to YOU!” Oh… and that’s because? “You’re not in our church.” Oh. I see.

My God is personal, alive and dwelling in my cellular structure! Messages are forthcoming all the time, and they don’t disagree with others who are getting the same kind of energy. In fact, they don’t even disagree with Paul! For I firmly believe that the messages of the ancients, no matter what religion, were all about self-empowerment and finding peace within ourselves and between others on this planet through finding the creator within. If you really go back and study the original messages from the greatest prophets on Earth, there is a wonderful symmetry of the messages and a beautiful sameness of thought.”

- Extract from The Twelve Layers of DNA (An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within)

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