Introducing the Dynamics of Astrology

11 Feb 2016


I'm really excited to be taking part in an 18-week course with well-known astrologer David Charles Rowan MA MSc, starting on Monday 29 February 2016. The more I delve into this work, the more I realise that the planets affect us all in very profound ways, the more curious I become, and the more I feel it is long overdue that I learned more.  This course particularly appealed to me because it is' far more than just a course introducing Astrology; it also explores Esoteric Philosophy, Mythology, Ancient History, Prediction, Psychology, the nature of the human condition and how we navigate our lives.


For those of you who don't know David, I have no doubt that he will be the most inspiring teacher. He also happened to be able to tell me more about myself and the reasons for it in a one hour phone conversation, than my nearest and dearest have been able to comprehend after a lifetime of living with me!


​​David has a career spanning over two decades teaching the complexities of Astrology and​​ Human behaviour.  He grew up with disabled parents and was an undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome child, which left him often feeling bewildered and with no support, spending most of his young life alone and feeling alienated from those closest to him and society.  His natural bright curiosity, fuelled by strings of incessant questions, drew him towards establishing a mind that sought to understand the natures of the people around him and the patterns that govern life.  He is a prolific creative talent.  As well as shortly publishing the first of a series of books on Astrology, Modern Applied Psychology and Esoteric Studies, David is also a self-taught graphic designer and musician. You can learn more about his fascinating and varied life-experience here.



Course Syllabus:

  • What can a Birth chart reveal about you?

  • Other uses of astrology, such as weather forecasting and relationship charts etc.

  • Symbolic Languages

  • Hieroglyphs and Tarot

  • Esoteric perspectives; the dynamics of human energy fields: The aura, astral body etc.

  • Astrology in history

  • The Astrology of the Birth of Christ

  • The Paradox of 'Fate. v. Free Will'