Bringing an End to the Pity Party

22 Feb 2016

I don't yet know enough about astrology to know whether the current Jupiter Retrograde is having a major influence on some people right now, but I have noticed a recurring theme in my Reiki sessions recently.  My understanding is that a Jupiter Retrograde can encourage us to work on self-worth and can help us to learn to love who we are, to practice abundance, to share ourselves and to re-evaluate our personal relationship with giving and receiving. Jupiter Retrograde or not, self-pity is making its presence clearly known, over and over again right now, with many people seemingly actively competing with parents, siblings, work-colleagues and friends to demonstrate they have it worse, that their life is harder or hardest, that they have the least money, the most debt, greater health challenges, or are surrounded by more people who don't appreciate, value and respect them. I'm also astute enough to recognise that these self-pitying people appearing in my life may well be holding up a very valuable mirror for my own behaviour, in true 'Physician, heal thyself' style.

Recognising this 'poor me' behaviour in ourselves puts us in a position of great power.  Once we are able to identify these patterns of thinking, and the ways in which we repeatedly announce to the world our perceived state of being, then we can identify the need that underpins them.  And then we can do something to transform the reality that we have manifested for ourselves.  I'm a great believer in the power of 'flipping a situation' into something that serves us better.  In using the contrast of what we don't want to identify what we do want we can move towards what we do want, rather than mithering about what is wrong in our lives.  The unwanted situation, person or behaviour that is presenting in our lives at any given moment is merely a vibrational indicator of the way we have been thinking in the past.  It is always possible to think better-feeling thoughts.


With this in mind, this morning I found myself searching for the 'opposite of self-pity' and Google immediately showed me this very helpful article by the author and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra, which I am sharing as it is crammed with helpful tips:


Q: How do I get over not being 'good' enough? Why do I sometimes feel sorry for myself because I don't get what I think I need or want?  How can I expand my mind and grow into a better person? How can I learn to 'stay in the moment' and take responsibility for all the choices in my life to this point? I've read several books and meditate yet sometimes I 'slip&#x