Enough for Everyone

Recently I have been practising a very simple but powerful technique whereby on a regular basis throughout the day I set a clear intention about how I would like to feel and then look for examples of how that is showing up in my life. My word this morning was ‘guided’.

I sat down quietly to read, but found I couldn’t really settle into my current book and felt a nudge to return to half-read books on my Kindle. The page that was open was a channelled message received through Shelley Young:

“Are you in balance with accepting and allowing? At the salad buffet, those in balance will accept their plate with gratitude and graciously fill it with whatever supports them and proceed to completely enjoy their experience. One who is functioning from old belief systems may not take much for fear of looking greedy, or may stuff their pockets with food for later because they live in fear of lack. An out of balance helper soul won’t take a plate at all and will start loading other people’s plates for them, settling for whatever scraps are left. Do you see how your old ways of being are leading to your discomfort? Accept the new, embody your balance and know that you will always be lovingly provided for, if you will simply allow it.”

I then turned to another channelled book written by Veronica Torres about the great shift from a fear-based operating system into a consciousness-based operating system. The chapter described an evolutionary, energetic leap into becoming ‘Homo spiritus’, enabling us to interact in a new way with physical matter.

I flicked backwards randomly through the pages to an exercise which suggested I look at what’s right in front of me, right now, to notice what static I become aware of, to notice what am I afraid of or where I am lying to myself.

The scene before me read just like a parable. I had just given both my dogs an identical chew each. There was a big bag of chews in the drawer for them both, but Joey was fussing and whining around Mook as if the chew he had been given wasn’t good enough. He was only happy when he had managed to get hold of both chews at which point he quickly lost interest. I redistributed the chews. Immediately Joey seemed to place his attention pointedly on the chew that he didn’t have, rather than enjoying the one he did. Mook began to grumble and became protective of hers. ‘Don’t be silly’ I said, ‘There are more than enough for everyone. Enjoy the one you have.’ ‘Aha’, I thought.’

For a moment I contemplated removing the chews altogether to avoid the fuss, but continued to watch. Joey dived in and stole Mook’s chew, and whilst he was busy looking for somewhere to hide it Mook quietly picked up the chew that Joey had left behind and took herself off and savoured it. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but only a minute or so later Joey lost his chew. No amount of rooting through the blankets in his basket would find it. His chew had disappeared.

Next, Mook came to me for a bit of fuss and attention. Joey joined her. Mook got jealous. I stroked them both. ‘Don’t be silly’ I said, ‘I have more than enough love for everyone.’ ‘Aha’, I thought.

The lessons for me here? Pay attention to what is right under my nose, in this right now moment. I am guided. Notice what I am creating in my inner world and how this is reflected in my outer world. There is no need to feel lack in any shape or form. There is more than enough for everyone. We create what we focus on.

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