Intriguing New CymaGlyphs from Online Reiki Sessions

We have produced some new images from three sessions that I found to be particularly interesting.

The first was from a session with a client who experienced a spontaneous healing from an 'irreversible' case of emphysema. During the session both my client and I slipped into an altered state of consciousness, and there was a persistent flashing white light throughout the Reiki share so I was very curious to see what sort of geometry would emerge. You can see the images below:

We also produced some images from a Skype session during which some unusually low sounds manifested immediately after I had paid a visit to a sacred site here in France. It has become a bit of a standing joke about how often the person who shared Reiki with me (on the other side of the world, in the United States) sees the number three in various forms (eg 333) everywhere in their day-to-day life, so it was particularly thought provoking for me when the geometry that appeared was three-sided:

​​The third batch of images were from a session with a small group of people during which flashes of green light were very apparent on the recording, which you can see an extract of here:

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