Well, this is new! Reiki via Zoom

This is a short extract from one of the first healing sessions I've done via Zoom (I usually work online using Skype):

For some reason the pixelated patterns of the 'interference' (for want of a better term) showed up far more clearly when viewed in Windows MovieMaker than when saved as a normal video file, although flashes of light are still visible on the sides of both parties. I'm hoping some of you techies out there will be able to explain to me - preferably in terms that a 5-year-old would understand - why that is.

I wasn't able to save it to video with the same level of quality, so in the end I resorted to using my camera and simply filmed my computer screen. I might be mistaken, but it seems that when I save from MovieMaker the computer programme tries to 'clean up' the file for better viewing, but it's actually the messy original that is the most intriguing. Perhaps one of you knows how to save it in the raw format I see on MovieMaker...

The sounds are the same sounds that I heard at my end during the Reiki session. They seem somewhat different to the way they come through on Skype, although as this was a client session we didn't do a session on Skype immediately afterwards to compare one platform with another. I only filmed one side of the screen for reasons of client confidentiality, but flashing light was visible on their side as well, appearing as flashes of light (not unlike sheet lightening), as opposed to 'waves' that seem to be emanating from the heart centre on my side.

If you have any technical insight as to what might be happening or if you've been doing online Reiki sessions via Zoom and have videos to compare I would love to hear from you.

The confidentiality of your clients is guaranteed.

I have to confess, I'm extremely excited by this new turn of events and the insights it might offer.

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