Music Connects Us

As I continue to study the sounds from online Reiki sessions, listening to them day in, day out, I am starting to understand that it isn't the individual sound or frequency that fascinates me, it is the nuances, and how they combine together.

When we learn to play music the first step is to grasp that there are 7 main notes or tones. When we reach the eighth note we go up (or down) an octave and the cycle repeats. Then we learn about the notes in between the main notes, the sharps # and the flats♭, or the semi-tones (curiously known as diesis in ancient Greek, the etymology of which means 'send through'). But beyond this basic structure are an infinite variety of ways in which we can build upon this basic musical structure. We can create very simple solo pieces or we can collaborate to produce great orchestral works, vast symphonies.

A few years ago I wrote:

"There is no one right way to work with Reiki (energy), just as there is no one right way to sing jazz, to dance or to play the blues'."

This, I am finding, seems to be key to interpreting the Skype Reiki sessions. There are fundamental building blocks that form the basis of all, but I have long felt that the key to healing lies within the harmonies, within the different shades and textures of this cosmic music. There are different combinations of notes possible, different rhythms, changes in key signature and pitch, in volume, a single note or a cacophony of sound, different styles, slight changes of pressure, more or less air through the instrument. So much creative interpretation is possible from those 7 basic notes. In my study of the vital, conscious, life-force energy that I call Reiki but for which you may have a different name, I am finally beginning to see more clearly how what I am studying is the symphony of life itself.

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