Ancient Teachings for Modern Times is now available for pre-order

Peta Morton, holding a precious copy of her first book 'Ancient Teachings for Modern Times: the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life.'

It is with great excitement that I can announce that my first book 'Ancient Teachings for Modern Times: the way to a rich and deeply satisfying life' is available for pre-order. Published by O Books, a leading publisher of Mind Body & Spirit books, it's due to be released at the end of November 2019.

Is your life fulfilling? Do you feel loved and valued? Are you full of energy, happy and healthy? Are your days inspiring and fun? This book shows you how to stop the struggle and embrace life. I share the timeless spiritual wisdom of the ages in a modern, non-religious context and invite you on a journey of self-discovery.

These are just a few of the lovely things that people have been saying about it:

"A simple guide to living a happy life. Wonderful! Warm, wise and thought-provoking."

- Maurizio Benazzo, film maker and co-founder of the Science and Non-duality Conference (SAND)

"The search for unity and meaning are the seeds which prompt all spiritual pursuits. Peta Morton has done a marvellous job of extracting the gold from ancient spiritual wisdom to help you improve your quality of life. I wish that I had found her writing at the beginning of my personal journey. It would have shortened my arrival time."

- Mark Certo, creator of The Triad Mind, producer, former recording engineer for the Monroe Institute.

"This engaging and superbly written book is part spiritual discourse, part practical handbook for an awakened life, and succeeds in illuminating every hidden reach of our being. Peta Morton brilliantly weaves together the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions with a refreshingly practical and grounded approach to what it really means to be human.An essential guide to living an awakened, more conscious life, drawing on the ancient wisdom traditions and making them relevant for our technology-driven times. This thoroughly researched and superbly written book connects the dots across the ages, making the arcane wisdom of the sages and the mystics accessible and relevant to the modern reader, providing essential insights and practical guidance so we can live our best possible lives."

- Nick Day, award-winning filmmaker and presenter of Consciousness Central TV

"We’ve all had times in our lives when we’ve felt afraid, uncertain and full of doubt. We keep bumping into the same old roadblocks over and over again, wanting to change but not really knowing where to begin. In this gloriously simple book Peta shows that facing our fears doesn’t have to be scary. Instead she encourages us to be curious and open minded, showing up as who we really are and living fun, full and authentic lives."

- Andrew Martin, host of international radio show ‘A Life Untethered’, energy intuitive, sound healer and spiritual guide

"Beautifully written, almost poetic, from a master teacher who has both distilled and synthesized - accurately, in my opinion - the gifts of philosophy and science to provide a clear doorway to personal cultivation."

- Karen Adams, Lic Ac, Dipl Ac, BS, BA (Hons), acupuncturist specialising in personal, combat and critical incident trauma

"An enlightening book that opens many windows on our existence and reality. In this book, Peta Morton makes a brave effort in bridging the gap between disciplines. Her work offers an unbiased overview of the fundamental insights about the nature of the human experience. In the spirit of Aldous Huxley’s perennial philosophy, she crosses the centuries and provides the reader with a deep intercultural fresco of mystical experience."

- Riccardo Manzotti PhD, Professor of Philosophy at IULM University of Milan, Fulbright Visiting Scholar at MIT, Author of The Spread Mind and 50 papers on consciousness, artificial intelligence, machine consciousness and perception

"In Ancient Teachings for Modern Times, Peta Morton elegantly weaves together practical wisdom from a diverse array of traditions to provide a "one stop shop" for anyone interested in personal development and well-being. This synthesis of important teachings and modalities—ranging from the power of breathing, thoughts, gratitude, and beyond—has the potential to shift the reader's perspective and clears the path for a happier, more peaceful life."

Mark Gober, Number 1 Bestselling author of An End to Upside Down Thinking, Director of Corporate Relations at Dr Erwin Lazlo's Institute of New Paradigm Research

"Ancient Teachings for Modern Times is a book I shall not only read more than once but also recommend to my friends and students in the philosophical, esoteric and psychological communities. From the correlations between cultures of expressions for life force to alchemy, breathing techniques and the nature of emotion; the insights of Peta Morton reflect the dynamics of what I have been teaching for more than 27 years. The practical steps outlined in 'Experience' are easy to follow and they work! If you have an interest in self-understanding or are seeking tools to assist yourself or others in life, please read this book."

- David Charles Rowan MA MSc, teacher of astrology and modern applied psychology, author

"Such a beautifully written book with such complexity I have to keep stopping to digest it. It is truly a work of art."

- Kothai Kanthan, Managing Editor, Resonant Content

"In Ancient Teaching for Modern Times, Peta Morton takes the reader wading easily into subjects previously considered too esoteric: Metaphysics and the inter-connectedness of life. She offers scientific validation for what most people considered mysterious: the vibrations of life, how thoughts matter (literally!), and most of all, her book could be considered required reading as a guide to life itself."

- Alice Langholt, M.MSc., author of Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health. A guide to a simple, revolutionary energy healing method

“Nothing in this book is new” says Peta Morton at the beginning of the book. She is a humble but wise guide, generously sharing the ancient wisdom without dogmas, and the modern wisdom without clichés, trusting you will find what you need. Peta masterfully weaves a thread of clarity to guide you out of the fragmented and labyrinthine world-view our culture has left us all with.

Existential dis-ease has been the inevitable by-product of our cultural bias towards living in the head, instead of in presence. I hope you will read Peta's book, and let the words that have poured through her attune you to the embodied awareness of your own soul's eternal wisdom."

- Peter Littlejohn Cook, Heaven on Earth facilitator, teacher of Tantra, Yoga and Advaita

Reserve your copy now!

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