Adventures in Frequency

I’ve spent the past few days going through the plethora of videos that my Facebook friend David Schiermeyer has shared of his experiments with sound and frequency, compiling a small selection of those that really speak to me for an article I'm writing. Watching them has been like a meditation upon the movement of qi, that vital life force energy that flows through, draws, our blood and which sustains all life, and its influence upon our physical reality, upon our health. As many of you know, my interest in cymatics stemmed from a succession of what could be termed ‘mystical experiences’ – ‘visions’ and ‘out of body’ states of consciousness in which I was shown and given an understanding of things of which I had no knowledge, or even interest, in my former life

One of them, in particular, reminded me of an odd experience I had, whilst driving back through the mountains on the way home from my first SAND (Science and Non-duality) conference with my daughter four years ago and I wanted to share it with you. We were still feeling totally exhilarated, having spent a wonderful week with curious, fun, loving, inspiring people. We were surrounded by stunning alpine scenery. We’d been singing and laughing – a lot – on the drive. I was ‘in the zone’. I mention this because it’s relevant. When we’re joyful, visions and insights are much more easily accessible. I was in a particularly expansive, light-hearted state (take note of this sentence, it’s important). The fact that I was driving was probably also a contributing factor. We often slip into a theta brainwave state when we are driving on autopilot; the same state of consciousness as when we are in deep meditation or under hypnosis, in which we are at our most creative and new ideas are generated very easily. Visions, or mystical experiences if you want to call them that, were the order of that particular day.

I was driving our old car Dora, who had a compression problem. Every time we went up high the air would become more rarefied (the air particles become more spaced out, there are less of them available for things like breathing and fuel, and they are more stretched), and would cause a corresponding pressure change. Dora would judder and sputter. As more oxygen became available as we drove back down the hill then her engine would run freely again. During this very experience, the words ‘compression and rarefaction of the blood’ were seeded in my mind. I had no idea at that point what they meant but knew that it was very important I understood these concepts if I was to understand cymatics and their relationship to health, and also why plants and herbs that were particularly nutritious grew in certain mountainous regions. I also found myself wondering about the role of nitric oxide, which I now know relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels so that they widen and circulation is increased. These concepts felt so important to me that I even had my poor daughter taking dictation from me on my phone as the ideas were flowing to me.

I had no idea back then what compression and rarefaction were, but today I know that they are not only related to pressure changes, but they are terms used to describe areas in longitudinal waves ​​in which the particles are close together or further apart (less space, more space). They are used in acoustics to describe the way that sound travels. Sound is a mechanical wave which results from the back and forth vibration of the particles of whatever medium the sound wave happens to be moving through. A vibrating tuning fork, which is used not only to help people and instruments get into key with one another, but also very successfully in the healing of the human biofield, is capable of creating a such a longitudinal wave (this too, is

noteworthy). Sound, both heard and unheard, might be described as a pressure wave. I have often remarked that when I work with Reiki, I notice pressure fluctuations in my inner ear. I won’t go into it here, but if you’re interested in the way that sound causes movement and pressure changes then you can read more about it here: Sound is a Pressure Wave.

I also noticed that as we drove through the mountain tunnels where the air was restricted and full of toxins, Dora would judder particularly hard. The energy that was available to propel her forward ​​her flowed less easily. Every time we entered a tunnel, I would have an image flash into my mind of what looked like blood vessels or capillaries, like the ones that flow to our neurons or which feed our muscle fascia. Again, this is pertinent. I felt that I was being shown how the pressure changes altered the way that blood flowed through our bodies and to and from our brains. As I compiled this video, the clip at 12.28 of the effect of sound on polystyrene balls in a cylinder really reminded me of what I visualised on that drive home. At times they would be stretched out thin, at other times they would shuffle up tight together and this would create a wavelike movement. As I watched the video, I could imagine how blood might be propelled along through our veins and capillaries in much the same way.

A couple of years later I received a whole lot of other teachings about how capillaries feed into muscle fascia and the importance of yogic stretching for energy flow and clearer, ‘purer’, more inspired thinking, but that’s a conversation for another day. Furthermore, scientists have recently discovered that there are tiny capillaries that nourish bones (many of which form fabulous resonance chambers) and run between brain tissue: We've discovered a new type of blood vessel in our bones.

I feel it’s important at this point to say that I don’t believe there is a real difference between dense physical matter and what we call ‘spirit’. I don’t’ see them as two separate things acting upon one another, but rather as different spectrum and expressions of the same life force energy. Compressed and rarefied. More space. Less space. Denser and more open. Lighter. Heavier. Contracted. Expanded.

Our thoughts and emotions have the effect on the compression and rarefaction of our energy field, a sort of opening and closing. It’s something I demonstrate regularly to my students and in conference – you can see a video of me explaining it here. When we are thinking uplifting thoughts and feel happy our energy field expands. It becomes more open, and if we pay attention to what we feel within our bodies, we usually feel lighter. When we are thinking about something which causes us to feel afraid, ashamed or sad for example, the opposite occurs, and our energy field becomes very contracted. We usually feel heavy. In acoustics my guess is that this is a bit like dampening sound (I’m still learning, so don’t quote me on this).

Different emotions cause energy to move in different ways because qi (life force energy) follows our thoughts. Anger, for example, generates a hot, upward and outward moving energy (think of a volcano), whereas fear causes energy to move downwards and to become disordered. When our thoughts are scattered, so is our energy. It makes sense then, that we end up feeling drained when we have a lot on our mind. The Eastern cultures have known this for years, as this extract from the Su-Wen describes:

“I know that the hundred diseases are generated by the qi.

When one is angry, then the qi rises.

When one is joyous, then the qi relaxes.

When one is sad, then the qi dissipates.

When one is in fear, then the qi moves down.

In the case of cold the qi collects; in case of heat, the qi flows out.

When one is frightened, then the qi is in disorder.

When one is exhausted, then the qi is wasted.

When one is pensive, then the qi lumps together.”

No wonder the Reiki precepts tell us not to anger or worry. Qi follows our thoughts, and our blood follows qi.

In astrology different planets are said to have a similar contracting and expanding, heating and cooling effect, and also move energy in different ways. Mars for example, is associated with that hot, active, sometimes angry energy which is needed to propel us forward and to boldly start new projects, whereas Saturn is associated with cold, stagnation, depression, control, limitation and structure. In Medical Astrology Mars and Saturn are the ‘malefics’ and are frequently associated with the onset of dis-ease. We see similar effects in the alchemical teachings, and each of the metals are associated with various planets. It’s too complex to go into in this short text but please believe me when I say that planetary alignments have the potential to influence us in many subtle ways, particularly if we are not consciously aware.

As I watched the video of cymatics with oil at 3.08 I noticed how everything clumped together and coagulated. I saw how difficult it was for the sound to create any sort of structure or geometric pattern. Is this what happens when we have impurities in our blood, perhaps from toxins we have ingested? When things are lumped together it makes it very difficult for there to be flow. We just have to look at what happens when a branch falls across a stream. Often, other contaminants back up behind the original blockage. Water eventually stops running or takes another course, perhaps spilling out into other areas where we wouldn’t necessarily want it. It becomes putrid and attracts disease.

I found the series of ‘torus’ vortex videos at 11.02, which show the yin and yang of life in action, mesmerising as understanding the torus has been central to my thinking for the past eight years or so, when this crazy journey started. To me, the torus plays a key role in the formation of our material world.

Fractal art by Peta Morton

I found the last two videos at 13.41 and 14.02 of static, plasma and electrical energy particularly interesting because of the influence of static, and the phase in which the static was audible prior to the flash of electricity (which no doubt I will be contemplating much more deeply in the weeks ahead). It is clear from these experiments that static can change the direction of energy flow. In many of my online Reiki sessions, particularly those with people who have been very afraid, are feeling particularly depressed or limited, or with certain bone and skin problems (which I have named the 'Saturn sessions'), I have noticed that there is much more static than in other sessions. There seems to be little rhythm to the energy pattern. There are also many instances in my online sessions where flashes of light or colour can be observed.

Rarefaction occurs naturally in the layers of earth’s atmosphere where the air is less dense, whereas because of the earth’s gravitation and the mass of atmosphere, most atmospheric matter is nearer the earth. As a final point, during this road trip home we also had several odd experiences whilst waiting in a traffic jam in the area around Mont Blanc and at the foot of the Matterhorn. Even though we were facing downwards on a generous slope, out of gear, with the handbrake off our car kept gently creeping back uphill. I even got out of the car to double check it wasn’t just an optical illusion and posted on Facebook about it, asking for mechanical advice as to what might be wrong with my car. Again, I note from these studies that sound, compression and rarefaction, can cause a backward as well as a forward motion. I have since learned that the region in question – as are many other sacred sites associated with strong vortex energy – is based upon a swathe of magnetite. Magnetite is also found in the sphenoid/ethmoid bones in the sinuses which contain deposits of ferric iron, and is often attributed to the ability of migratory birds and animals, dolphins, bees and bats and to navigate. I wonder to what extent our own, particularly expanded energy fields at the time, contributed to this phenomenon.

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