SAND (Science & Nonduality) US

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” ~ Carl Sagan

October 23–27, 2019 Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

For scientists, bonds and connections are essential to the working of the universe; for mystics, love is the ultimate principle. From the depths of physics to the delights of being human, relationships make life possible.

The mechanistic view of reality which sees the world as separate objects, separate individuals, communities and nations, has led to fragmentation in every aspect of life. We are now realising that, from quarks to people, from gut bacteria to galaxies, it’s all about interconnectedness, cooperation, and symbiosis.

This year, SAND will be bringing together some of the brightest minds in science, along with spiritual teachers from various traditions and artists, in a quest to expand and deepen our understanding and experience of our relational nature through the two lenses of science and spirituality. We will explore and integrate our human knowledge and experience around the theme of relationships. We will inquire into the many scales of relationship we are part of, from microbes and bacteria to mushrooms and trees, to people and families, to galaxies and black holes.


I will be presenting:

The Geometry of Love

What does it mean to be a human being living harmoniously or dis-harmoniously within a complex and ever-changing network of countless other nested systems?

Who are you really? What are you? Your physical body is constructed from a variety of chemical elements, assembled in such a way as to form molecules, cells, blood, bones, organs, teeth, hair. It is constantly changing and renewing itself. You are not the same person you were even a few moments ago. You are made from the very same basic building blocks of life that permeate our entire galaxy, bound together in complex ways to form intricately detailed structures, yet you are so much more than the sum of your physical parts.

You are a collection of thoughts and experiences, and the information you have accumulated about them, a bundle of beliefs, memories and emotions. You are the stories you tell yourself. A master translator of frequency and vibration, you are a wondrous synthesizer of life. Your bodily instrument is a musical marvel, constantly generating a glorious spectrum of sound, both audible and inaudible, combining electrical signals of different frequencies. You are simultaneously a transmitter, receiver and interpreter of data, like some magnificent router. You are an array of ordered photons, particles and waves of light. Above all, you are a process, an integral part of life seeking to experience itself.

Join me to explore your True Nature through sound, rhythm, vibration, frequency, cymatics, geometry, astrology, alchemy and personal experience, as I playfully demonstrate how our minds and emotions really do affect our physical reality.

At the end of the day, no matter how complex the field of study becomes, the innate intelligence and reflective nature of the universe shines through. Love is what breathes life into the equations; Love is the field in which the quarks and human beings relate.

We will meet you there.

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