Imaging the Hidden Geometry of Reiki

29 Nov 2015



For the past few years I have been captivated by the idea that we might somehow be able to visualise Reiki energy, which is usually unseen and silent. I'm sure that some of you will have heard of the new science of cymatics, the study of sound and vibration made visible. This is my chosen method of studying, and hopefully scientifically validating, Reiki energy. My great hope is that this research will help to bridge the gap between science and spirituality and bring energy medicine into the mainstream.


By analysing the sounds and vibrations of online Reiki sessions with the help and support of acoustic physics pioneer, John Stuart Reid, and the team at CymaScope, we have been able to obtain cymatic images and videos of Reiki in action.


In the following short video you will see me sharing Reiki with a client via Skype during which the Reiki energies manifest as sound and were then made visible with a CymaScope instrument. In the clip the surface of the CymaScope’s sensitive water membrane is imprinted with a sound frequency, rendering the sound visible. In the same way, the sound from a Reiki session is inputted to a CymaScope, creating complex geometric patterns that are filmed for study.


It is worth bearing in mind that a significant proportion of the molecules in the human body are water, so studying Reiki by a method that involves water could lead to important insights into the relationship between life, water and Reiki energy.


Gaining a better understanding of Reiki could radically transform many of our approaches to modern medicine. By studying the mechanics of these energies we may also gain a better understanding of the links between our conscious thought, our emotions and our physical health.  


By making sound visible the hidden geometry within is revealed, providing a powerful visual platform from which to study the sound. It has been said that a picture speaks a thousand words and this is never truer than when applied to cymatics. Sound’s almost magical ability to create form from formlessness is an important key in understanding how Reiki energy heals.


 This image has the same geometric structure as DNA viewed end-on under a microscope.



The sounds occur during online Reiki sessions conducted via wi-fi on Skype. 


"The sounds start as soon as I start sharing Reiki, and stop when I consciously end the energy transmission, making it obvious that my consciousness is involved in the process of generating the sounds. I have recorded many hours of online sessions with people all around the world and have discovered that the sounds and rhythms are as varied as the people I have worked with."


- Peta Morton


Sometimes bright or coloured light is visible during the sessions:



Here are some audio extracts from online Reiki sessions (click on the link to play):


Sounds during a Reiki session with a client suffering with severe emphysema


Sounds during a Reiki session with a young client diagnosied as ADHD/potentially autistic