The Genetics of Psychic Ability

This has been a long time in the making. I was very excited this morning to read the published, peer-reviewed paper on the genetics of psychic ability, aka the psigenes study, which clearly demonstrates that the genes of high-functioning psychics do seem to have some variations from those in the control group.

I was incredibly lucky to have been able to participate in this study, one of the 13 'retained psychics', which has yielded some fascinating insights, many of which are not listed in this paper but which may well go on to form the foundation for future research. Those in the group tested shared details of 'abilities' such as clairconnaisance, precognition, remote-viewing, telepathy, empathy, animal communication, physical healing, geomancy, aura reading, astral projection, lucid dreaming, channeling, mediumship, psychometry and clairalliance.

Wahbeh et al 2021 Genetics of psychic ab
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For my part, I happen to think these are innate human abilities that we all have, but which lie dormant in many. Like any muscle they require exercise. My own sense of perception, my intuition, expanded exponentially within a very short time of establishing a regular Reiki practice, and substantially more following a series of spontaneous 'out of body experiences' (which I prefer to think of as accessing expanded states of consciousness).

I thought it was really interesting to read how many of the psychic group identified as Christian when younger, but today identify as 'spiritual but not religious'.

Huge thanks to Helane Wahbeh, Julia Mossbridge and all at the Institute of Noetic Sciences for the years of hard work that have gone into this study, and for their encouragement. Here's to exploring more deeply and learning more together in the years ahead.

Incidentally, if you'd like to contribute by taking part in similar research IONS are actively seeking volunteers for a variety of research projects: I am particularly excited about their latest project, in which people who are practised in the art of accessing discrete guidance from the more subtle realms are collaborating with researchers and geneticists, across time and space, to further our scientific understanding. This coming together of science and spirituality has been sadly absent in our modern culture, and it feels like the perfect time to re-establish it.

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