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Know yourself

Who are you?

"Who are you really? What are you? What does it mean to be a human being living harmoniously or dis-harmoniously within a complex and ever-changing network of nested systems?

Your physical body is constructed from a variety of chemical elements, assembled in such a way as to form molecules, cells, blood, bones, organs, teeth, hair. It is constantly changing and renewing itself. You are not the same person you were even a few moments ago. You are made from the very same basic building blocks of life that permeate our entire galaxy, bound together in complex ways to form intricately detailed structures, but you are so much more than the sum of your physical parts.

You are a collection of thoughts and experiences and the information you have accumulated about them, a bundle of beliefs, memories, and emotions. You are the stories you tell yourself. A master translator of frequency and vibration, you are a wondrous synthesiser of life. Your bodily instrument is a musical marvel, constantly generating a glorious spectrum of sound, both audible and inaudible, combining electrical signals of different frequencies. You are simultaneously a transmitter, receiver, and interpreter of data, like some magnificent router that is always connected, ever in intimate relationship to all that exists. You are an array of ordered photons, particles, and waves of light. You are a powerful and indestructible force. Above all, you are a process, an integral part of life seeking to experience itself."

- Peta Morton


Have you ever wondered how you fit into the greater scheme of things? Do you wish you could just relax a bit? Do you crave peace from constant inner chatter and unconstructive self-talk? Do you long to flow with the tide of life, rather than constantly struggling against it? Do you wonder if you are on the right path? Do you have a nagging awareness that changes are necessary, but are unsure of what direction to take? Do you feel stuck? Are you exhausted, in pain or confronted with dis-ease?


By better understanding the cycles and the energetic patterns of life, we can align with natural processes and work with them to our advantage. I combine a variety of traditional, holistic techniques in order to address problems at their origin and to help you find ease and wellbeing. Let me help you find the answers that you already hold inside of you (and maybe consider some questions you haven't yet thought of).

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