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Know yourself
"One who understands others has knowledge;
One who understands himself has wisdom."
- Lao Tzu
Consultation 60 - 90 mins


In person

at my office or <10km


online or at distance


domestic pets

Equine & Large Animal Reiki



> 10km 60€ + 0.30€/km - please contact me for details.

Essences are included in the price of Bach flower consultations (EU only).

I regularly offer Reiki sessions at a reduced rate for those who are unable to pay the full rate. Please contact me to discuss.

Astrology Consultations
1 hr 30 mins


Natal chart interpretation


Transits interpretation - your year ahead


Solar return reading - key themes

for the year ahead

Astrology Consultation
1 hour



Discussion around a particular theme, topic, or areas of emphasis.

My preparation time is included in this fee. You will receive a copy of all charts and a recording of your consultation for future reference. If you have not previously had one I strongly recommend beginning with a natal chart interpretation.


Please complete the booking form with your details and availability, and I will contact you to confirm your reservation and forward a payment link. In-person consultations may be paid for in advance or at the time of the session. I ask that all sessions carried out at distance are paid for in advance. I accept payment by bank card, transfer, cash, or cheque. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are payable in full.

Unless otherwise stated each consultation usually lasts around one hour, although this can vary from session to session. I recommend allowing an extra half an hour to allow for all eventualities. All sessions take place fully clothed, with the exception of shoes which are usually removed during in-person Reiki consultations. It is possible that I may combine a variety of methods depending upon your particular circumstances and requirements. 


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I'll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable time for your appointment. 

Thanks for submitting!

Book a Consultation

Please note:


  • I do not make predictions

  • I do not make medical diagnoses

  • I do not claim to cure or treat illness

  • I do not offer medical advice

  • I do not elect dates for surgery or any other procedures.


My approach is to use the natal chart to examine potential patterns of thought, belief, emotional response and behaviour, to consider cycles and patterns of energy flow, and their possible manifestations. When we become consciously aware of the range of potentials, we are often better able to navigate situations in a healthier, more nurturing, comfortable or fulfilling way.


Clients are accepted on the understanding that consultations are for information only and where the client agrees to take full responsibility for how he or she uses any information given.


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