Peta Morton Reiki Teacher
Peta Morton is a respected Reiki and mindfulness teacher, author and speaker with a clientele around the world. She discovered Reiki relatively late in life as a result of a series of awakening and consciousness-expanding experiences that followed a life-threatening illness. Today, she provides a signpost which helps others to remember their true nature, to express their own unique voice with authenticity and to reconnect with the powerful healer within.

Having studied a wide variety of different healing modalities, Peta finally came to the realisation that there was absolutely no need to seek a complicated or 'better' healing method. Everything we need is already available to us once we start looking inside instead of constantly searching for something external. Today she practices Reiki in its most simple form, as a way of being and living, rather than merely 'using techniques' that are 'done' in order to heal.

Using a variety of transformational approaches, a toolbox for the Soul, Peta gently encourages her students to develop new ways of thinking and being.  She guides them in a playful and practical way to an understanding that everyone can transform their lives, learn to heal, and contribute meaningfully to their community no matter what their age, experience or current life situation. 

Her pioneering work Imaging the Hidden Geometry of Reiki and The Geometry of Love has received acclaim from thought leaders and scientific researchers around the world and is helping to form a bridge between the worlds of science and spirituality. Her first book Ancient Teachings for Modern Timesthe way to a rich and deeply satisfying life is due to be published by O Books during 2019.


She is intrigued by the nature of consciousness and the relationship between mind, emotion, spirit, and physicality and speaks internationally on related topics. She is a regular contributor to SAND (the Science and Nonduality conference). Peta is a practicing astrologer and a fascinated student of numerology, sound and cymatics, tools with which we may be better able to understand the human condition.

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