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A mini-documentary by talented young film maker Luke Hodges, which tells the story of how I came to be so fascinated by the potential of cymatics - the study of sound and vibration made visible - as a lens through which to examine processes that ordinarily pass unseen and silent.

Using the CymaScope® instrument, a sensitive water membrane was exposed to audio files recorded from my online healing sessions, and the resulting videos and images of beautiful, complex geometric patterns offer much food for thought. It is worth bearing in mind that a significant proportion of the molecules in the human body are comprised of water, so studying subtle energies such as Reiki in this way may lead to important insights into the relationship between water, consciousness, emotion and the life force energy often referred to as qi, ki, chi, prana and the human biofield.

Many thanks to John Stuart Reid and the CymaScope® team for their help in producing the cymatics images used in this film.

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